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Party Tableware

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βœͺ 10 x plates
βœͺ 10 x bowls
βœͺ 10 x forks
βœͺ 10 x knives
βœͺ 10 x spoons
βœͺ 10 x cups

Fee: Β£ 2.00 for 2 days

Condition: Like new
Brand: Ikea - Kalas
Code: MIX_0046

What do I need to know?
β“˜ All the tableware you could need for the perfect children's party. The plastic won’t break and it’s harmless – no additives. A sustainable alternative to disposable tableware because it can be re-used.
πŸ“– Lay the table in bright and cheerful colours and fill with party food and drink!
πŸ“ Plates: 19cm, Bowls: 12cm Cutlery: 19cm, Cups: 230ml,
🚚 Not too heavy and neatly packed in a box for you to carry home.

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