Library of Things

Terms & Conditions

We want to keep things as simple as possible and avoid too much jargon, but we do need to do this so that we're all on the same page!

By signing up to become an official 'borrower' or 'donor', you are agreeing to the following terms:


The 'Borrower' - any person who has created an account via the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things site, regardless of whether they have borrowed an item or not.

The 'Donor' - any person who donates an item to the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things

'Item' - any piece of equipment or 'thing' stocked by the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things

'Library of Things' (or 'LoT', 'us', 'we', or 'our') - Sustainable Wantage

'Borrowing' - the act of hiring an item from the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things site for the stated fees, and returning it on the stated return date.

'Donating' - the act of gifting an accepted item to the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things

Joining & Membership

Only official Borrowers are able to borrow from the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things.

To become a Borrower you must:

  1. Be aged 18 or above
  2. Give your personal details: Full name, address, telephone number and email address so that we can contact you
  3. Connect a valid debit or credit card to your borrowing account or agree to pay full amount due for your loan, via cash or card, when collecting your item from The Mix
  4. Tick to accept these Library of Things Terms of Borrowing


Borrower Responsibilities

As a Borrower, you are responsible for:

  1. Bringing the item back clean and in a fit state for the next Borrower.
    • For food-related items, this means thoroughly washing as per the item's washing instructions and ensuring no food residue is left on the item.
    • For fabric items, this means washing by hand or in the washing machine as per the item's washing instructions.
    • For all other items, this means removing any dirt/debris. In essence, please return it in the same state that you received it in.

  2. Bringing the item back on time so the next borrower isn't kept waiting. You must return all items borrowed in their complete state (i.e. with all included parts as listed on the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things website and in your email receipt) by closing time on the stated Return Date.
    You are able to change the item's Return Date by logging into your account on the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things website and editing the Return Date.
    This is only possible if:
    1. There are no reservations made by another Borrower starting on or before your new proposed Return Date.
    2. You make the change before the closing time on the stated Return Date.

    Returning items after their Return Date may incur a Late Fee.

    You will receive notifications reminding you that the item is overdue.
    A daily Late Fee of Β£1.50 will be charged for each day the item is overdue. 

    If you do not return the item after 1 week of your Return Date, the item will be considered a 'non return' and you may be charged up to the full replacement cost of the item, in addition to the Late Fees already charged. We will notify you in writing via email and send you an e-receipt for the Late Fees.

    If you are unable to return your item on time, please contact us in the first instance and if we can help, we will.

  3. Bringing the item back with all its parts in good working order, so that it's ready for use by the next Borrower.

    You understand that if you do not return all included parts of an item, and/or if you return the item damaged, you may be charged the replacement cost for each missing part and/or the cost to repair any damage done to the item.

    These charges are designed with the next Borrower in mind, as we don't want others in the community to lose out over items being damaged or returned without proper care and attention to all its parts.

    However, we also understand that accidents happen and our first response will always be to work with you, the Borrower, to resolve the issue in the best (most cost effective and sustainable) way for all involved. This could mean using our Repair Cafe to fix the item (with a donation to the Repair Cafe being very much appreciated), or sourcing replacement parts/items from within the community.

    We ask that you please do not try to repair the item yourself as we cannot then guarantee that it is safe to use for the next Borrower.

  4. Cancelling considerately. If you need to cancel a reservation, please do so in time to give others a chance to borrow - ideally at least 5 days before your collection date - in order to receive a full refund. If your reservation is cancelled within 2 days of your collection date you will still be charged the full price of the reservation.

  5. Keeping the item safe. If you have a problem returning the item, please contact us as soon as possible. If you lose the item or it is stolen, it will be considered a 'non return' and you may be charged up to the full replacement cost of a new item.

  6. Using the items in a safe and proper manner. You are responsible for using any item you borrow for the job it is intended to do, taking appropriate safety precautions outlined in how-to guides (either provided with the item, or linked to within the item description) and wearing any personal protective equipment (PPE) when an item requires this.

  7. Familiarising yourself with how to use the item by reading the how-to guides or user manuals, watching YouTube videos or asking for help from another competent individual. If you enquire before borrowing an item, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can advise you on the item's proper use.

  8. Visually checking the items before borrowing and using them, especially for electrical equipment. For example, check you have all included parts, check the wires and plug for any visible damage before use, and don't use any items outside or near water if not intended to be used in that way.

  9. Immediately stopping use of an item if it becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair.

  10. Telling us about any accidental damage as soon as possible so we can try to ensure the item is safe for use by the next Borrower. We will not charge you for 'reasonable use' wear and tear, so long as this is reported straight away. Where the item has been used inappropriately or unreasonable damage has been caused, we may charge you a repair fee or up to the full replacement cost of the item. 

    However, as mentioned previously, we would much rather work with you to resolve the issue and charges are always a last resort.

    You understand that Sustainable Wantage Library of Things is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed items.

  11. Paying the total amount owed for the item(s) borrowed. Borrowers will be charged the stated rates for borrowing items. This can either be done via Stripe when placing your reservation, or by cash/card when collecting your item from The Mix. If you don't have enough funds to pay any fees you owe, we will work with you to find a solution. 

    If after initial communication you still have not paid the fees you owe, we reserve the right to terminate your membership with us.


Potentially Hazardous Items 
We deem an item to be 'Potentially Hazardous' when there is a risk of the user causing serious injury to themselves/others through normal use of the item. Where possible, we have identified the hazard in the item's description and given recommendations on how to reduce this risk. For these items in particular you agree to:
  • read all included safety information before using the item.
  • ensure that you are confident in how to use the item safely before starting any work with it.
  • stop using the item immediately if you feel that the circumstances you're working in become unsafe (for example, if it starts to rain when using electrical equipment outside).

Electrical Items 
All electrical items are regularly PAT tested by us and inspected between each loan. However, we recommend you exercise the same caution you would with any electrical item and do not use if the plug/cable appears damaged in any way. PLEASE REPORT ANY SIGNS OF DAMAGE TO US

Fabric Items 
Fabric items have been washed (where possible) by previous user and checked by our volunteers - but we would recommend checking that you are happy with the level of cleanliness before using, particularly if used alongside food or by a vulnerable person.

Food-related Items 
Food-related items have been cleaned by previous user and checked by our volunteers - but we always recommend giving items a quick clean before using them.

As a Member, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sustainable Wantage, its officers, agents, and employees for any and all liability, loss, claims and demands, actions or causes of action for the death and injury to any people and for any property damage suffered or incurred by any person, which arises in any way from the use of items you are borrowing.

If we discover you are not respecting the rules of borrowing and our guidance in how to use Library of Things and its items in a safe and proper manner, we reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time.

Sustainable Wantage Library of Things' Responsibilities

Sustainable Wantage Library of Things is responsible for:

  1. Taking reasonable action to ensure the quality and safety of its items, including as a minimum:
    1. Sourcing brand new items, or fully refurbished items that have passed a PAT test (where applicable)
    2. Carrying out regular item checks and inspections
    3. Carrying out PAT tests (where applicable) on all items borrowed as a minimum every 6 months

  2. Taking reasonable action to enable the Borrower to learn how to use items in a safe and proper manner, including:
    1. Making available digital copies of how-to guides for items
    2. Reminding Borrowers to stop using items and to report any damage or repair immediately on noticing anything unusual (see Borrower Responsibilities 9).

  3. Providing public liability insurance for hiring items to Borrowers and making it known that this insurance only covers Borrowers when they are using items for personal use. Insurance does not apply if:
    1. Borrowers use items in a professional capacity to carry out work for a third party for a fee.
    2. Borrowers lend or rent items to other people or do work on other people’s property. Sustainable Wantage Library of Things is not liable for any damage that may be caused to people or property other than the Borrower and that Borrower’s property.
    3. Borrowers use items to run public events or activities. Borrowers will need separate public liabilities insurance for this.

  4. Handling any issues and complaints relating to borrowing in a sensitive and timely manner, including:
    1. Making a direct refund to a Borrower via the original payment method used if for any reason the Borrower has been overcharged for the item(s) borrowed. This refund may take up to 10 days to reach the Borrower's bank account (if original payment was by debit/credit card from the time of discovery.
    2. Storing all Borrower data as securely as reasonably possible, handling data sensitively and ensuring data is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection laws. See the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things Privacy Policy for more information on how we do this.


Some of our items at Sustainable Wantage Library of Things come from generous donations.

However, as all donated items are loaned out to the community, we cannot accept items that we do not deem to be usable or fit for purpose. This includes items that do not meet current safety regulations (for example, a ladder without the appropriate safety labelling).

As a Donor, you agree that:

  1. The item you donate becomes the property of Sustainable Wantage Library of Things and is ours to lend, sell (with proceeds going to the running of the LoT), give away or dispose of as we see fit.
  2. We will update you via email each time your item is borrowed from the LoT if you would like to be informed. We can only do this if you have created an account via the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things site, shared your account name with us when donating the item and you choose to opt in to these updates (you can opt out at any time by contacting us via email).

Changes to our Terms & Conditions

From time to time, we may need to update our Terms & Conditions. We will notify you of any changes via the Sustainable Wantage Library of Things Homepage. Changes to the Terms & Conditions are effective from the point they are posted on this page.

Communicating with you

As a Borrower of Sustainable Wantage Library of Things, you will receive some communications from us, including:

  • a welcome email with information on how borrowing works
  • reservation and collection receipts each time you reserve and borrow an item(s)
  • reminder emails when items are due back or overdue
  • occasional service updates

If you no longer want to be a Borrower of Sustainable Wantage Library of Things, email to tell us this via We will delete all of your personal data within 10 working days.