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Garden Lopper

Fee: £ 1.00 for 2 days

Condition: Fair
Brand: Florabest
Code: MIX_0011

What do I need to know?
ⓘ Garden Lopper - 2 Inch (5cm) will help you keep your garden looking tip top. The 17 inch (43cm) handles help to reach those slightly higher branches that need trimming. Giving extra leverage to aid cutting and pruning unwanted growth of branches up to a thickness of 5cm.
📖 Get out in the garden and start pruning!
📏 64cm when closed, 96cm when extended
🚚 These are long and slightly awkward to carry, but they're not heavy. You should be able to fit most of it in a shopping bag!

⚠ This item is categorised by us as 'Potentially Hazardous', due to the risk of cutting yourself rather than a branch! When using this item we recommend wear heavy gloves, don't make a cut until you know it's safe to do so and don't try to cut a branch that's too big for the tool.

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