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Guide to Grassland Plants 2 (Chalk and Limestone)

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Brand: Field Studies Council Fold-out Guides - Volume: 95
Code: MIX_0022

What do I need to know?
ⓘ Guide to grassland plants 2 covers plants commonly found on lowland chalk and limestone soils. The 12 page chart has clear colour illustrations of sixty-three of the plants and black and white illustrations of fifteen plants common to chalk and limestone grasslands. The identification key is based on leaf characters so that plants can be identified when not in flower. Guide to grassland plants 2 complements a key to grassland plants 1 which focuses on the identification of grassland plants found on neutral soils.
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📏 12 pages, 12 concertina A5 size sheets
🚚 Small enough to pop in your backpack.

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